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Welcome to Adaptive Designs, Inc

We are a product design company with a mission to provide customers with a means of self- expression. Adaptive Designs Inc. is committed to creating unique and fun products that allow our customers to express their individuality. We offer great quality, reasonably priced products through our e-commerce shops. We also work with customers to bring their product ideas to market. Lean more about us by exploring this corporate as well as our product shops.

"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon
Printable Goods

Printable Goods

Our R&D team has fun learning what is out in the market and creating better products. We work closely with our manufacturer to bring to market a more durable, longer lasting product. Our cases and covers have resin fiberboard panels that will not bend or crease. In products with magnets, the magnets are placed correctly, are of good quality and perform as expected. Our outer materials are designed so that the printed graphics will not scratch off, peel or bubble. Our printing is done in site in our facility for a fast turnaround time and we can control the quality of each print. Every item is critically inspected before given the OK to ship.

Click the link to our ShowYourFlipside website to find out more!

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VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in technology.  We have a terrific addition to the mobile headset market.  Our VR KiX virtual reality headset is comfortable and it’s loaded with great features.  Our team has tested and examined over 25 other brands of headsets.  We know that ours has features not found in others, such as the removable face padding, the spring loaded device tray and dual focal adjustments.

Our team is also busy at work on modifications to our existing headset and developing the next one.  We are listening to what our customers want and need and are incorporating these things into the next model.

Click the link to our VR KiX website to find out more!

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Power Banks

Power Banks

In a world of smart phones and tablets, people are using mobile technology in new ways every day.  The battery life of our favorite devices may not hold up to all the posting, web surfing and business applications we are running on them. Our Bright Image power banks ensure that you never miss an important phone call or email because your battery is dead. They are perfect to keep in your briefcase, purse or backpack. These unique power banks can be customized with a backlit image that shows off a special interest or promotion. Keep playing your games, taking photos and being socially involved because you have back up power. You can order one of our designs or upload your own photo through our e-commerce site.

See more about our power banks by clicking on the link to ShowYourFlipside’s power banks.

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